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Why You Should Visit Cornwall in September

Why You Should Visit Cornwall in September
Why You Should Visit Cornwall in September

People often ask us if it’s worth visiting Cornwall in September. Our answer? Of course.

Cornwall is evergreen. It’s just as beautiful in the depths of Winter as at the height of Summer. Honestly – you can stick a pin in a calendar, swing by for an impromptu break and leave with lifelong memories. The season doesn’t come into it.

That said, some people swear that visiting Cornwall in September is your best bet, bar none.

Here’s why.


Cornwall in September is Cornwall without the crowds

Around five million people flock to Cornwall each year. And who’d blame them? With its sweeping beaches, rambling walks and historic sights, it’s the staycationer’s Shangri-La.

You shouldn’t expect crowds all year round, though. The vast majority of these sightseers come during the Summer months. As Summer comes to an end, visitor numbers drop off dramatically.

So if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Cornwall in September. Just make sure you book your stay after the school Summer holidays – these usually finish in early September.


The weather’s lovely (as ever)

Many assume that Cornwall’s weather works like the rest of the UK. In other words, as soon as Summer is over, grey clouds appear and we hunker down for a six-month-long Scrabble game.

Well, here’s some good news: Cornwall has the mildest climate in all of the UK.

This means our Summers are generally a little cooler than the rest of the country. But the trade-off is that our Autumns and Winters are comparatively cosy. And while we can’t promise that every day will be gloriously dry, our yearly rainfall is well below the national average.

Thinking of visiting Cornwall in September? In our little corner of the county, you can expect an average temperature of about 14.5°C. Just right for a beachside stroll, we think.


It’s a great time to swim or surf

Fancy a dip in the sea? Don’t wait for warmer weather – September is considered the best month for wild swimming in Cornwall.

This is because the summer heat has had time to warm the ocean, making the water temperature a little more comfortable. (It’s still chilly though – don’t jump in expecting a warm bath!)

Surfers swear by Cornwall in September too. Not only is the water warm-ish, but the waves are bigger and more reliable than at the height of Summer.

A quick word of warning, though: if you’re planning to enjoy the sea, make sure you take steps to stay safe. This means choosing lifeguarded beaches, checking tide times, and going as a group, wherever possible.


You’ll save a bit of cash

It’s no secret – as demand for accommodation falls, prices tend to fall a little too.

Of course, we aim to keep our rates reasonable all year round. But generally speaking, the fewer tourists there are vying for rooms, the cheaper those rooms will be.

This also means you’ll enjoy more choice. Got your eye on one of our Superior sea-view rooms? The one with the beautiful Juliet balcony? Visit Cornwall in September, and you’ve got a better chance of nabbing it for yourself.


September walks are the best

Think Cornwall is all about the coast? Sure, we have a lot of it (422 miles, to be exact), but venture inland and you’ll discover just as much to marvel at.

In fact, a whopping 27% of Cornwall has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – including the Roseland Peninsula, which our hotel calls home.

What’s the best way to explore this bucolic bounty? Many would recommend you pull on your walking boots and face those hills and valleys head-on.

And if it happens to be September, you’re in for an extra-special treat. As the first signs of Autumn appear, Cornwall’s woods and gardens take on a crisp, magical quality.

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