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Al fresco Dining in Cornwall

Al fresco Dining in Cornwall
Feasting in the Fresh Air

We are open (finally!) after 5 long months, summer is nearly here, and it’s al fresco dining time! 

Our sea view terrace is the perfect spot for al fresco dining in Cornwall, but there’s also plenty of other ways to feast in the fresh air. 

bbqs on the beach in Cornwall

BBQs on the Beach

First things first. Before you light a BBQ or build a fire, you must be sure it’s allowed. Googling should help. The best thing is not to choose busy beaches and keep your fire low-key. 

Imagine. You’re with family and friends on a quiet beach. It’s dusk, the horizon is glowing tangerine. The ocean is darkening, with deeper shades of blue. Through the smoke haze of your bonfire, you can see the glint of early stars. The coming night is young, and the air is cooling after a hot summer’s day. The aroma of fresh fish grilling over the fire is making your stomach rumble. You crack open another bottle of something and sink into conversation. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Come make the pilgrimage and live the dream, which of course, includes having BBQs and cook-offs on the sand. However, please be mindful of others, no one likes being smoked out by a stranger’s fire, even if the sizzling food smells mouth-watering. 

Picnics in the park

Picnics in the Park

Coronavirus has awakened people to many things. One of which is the physical and emotional benefits of being free, having been cooped up for so long. The post-Covid era, is going to be one of anti-urban and pro-nature. Fortunately we have green spaces in abundance in Cornwall, countryside and coast beckoning in all directions. Why not pack up a picnic or a Driftwood hamper and set off on one of our recommended walks. 


outdoor dining at driftwood hotel

Indulge in the Romance

Enjoy an afternoon by a Cornish beach with fine company, food, and drink - one of life’s simple pleasures. Be in the moment. Hear the rush of waves breaking, stay long enough and watch the sun set over the Atlantic ocean. Immerse yourself in the Cornish way of life and set yourself free. Try our NEW indulgent 5 course lunch tasting menu or a delicious Cornish afternoon tea on our sunny terrace.




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