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Cornwall hidden gems: coves, bays and beaches

When the sun is shining, there really is no place like Cornwall. With tranquil turquoise bays, stunning sandy shores, and a bounty of boutique hotels, it’s no wonder the popular beaches, narrow lanes and top restaurants get  busy over the summer months.

But avoiding the Cornwall crowds isn’t impossible. In fact, with our list below, you’ll soon discover some of Cornwall’s hidden gems.  

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Wine tasting & vineyards in Cornwall

Wine tasting & vineyards in Cornwall

As well as being a haven for happy holiday-makers, Cornwall is also a wine buffs’ dream. It’s down to good soils for grapes, sunshine-flooded slopes, warm winters and some highly skilled winemakers. These super scenic vineyards are set in beautiful parts of the county – making a winery-themed trip an appealing idea. Fancy a glass of Cornish fizz on a vine-side terrace? Here are five...

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