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Meet 6 of our amazing local food suppliers

Meet 6 of our amazing local food suppliers

To maintain the high standards of delivering Michelin Star fine dining, our new head chef, Olly Pierrepont, joining us in August from La Trompette in London, will meet and work with our range of talented local suppliers of fresh and seasonal produce.

We thought we’d introduce you to some of the important people who contribute in a large part to the mouth-watering fine dining dishes available at the Driftwood’s award-winning restaurant:

Brian at Curgurrell Corner is almost Driftwood’s own in-house gardener. He regularly visits our secret beach and harvests our seaweed to fertilise his land naturally. At the start of each year we sit down and talk about what he wants to grow and what dishes we would like to produce at Driftwood throughout the year.


Once our collaboration is agreed he gets on with his growing and we get on creating new and exciting dishes. In season, we get daily deliveries from Brian but sometimes as a team we go up and pick what we need straight from the field. This connection to our food produce is vital and Brian is the only person growing hand-picked saffron in Cornwall.

Philip Warren is in my opinion the best butcher in the country. All his meat is aged in a Himalayan Rock salt chamber so the taste is unreal. We talk every week and always starts with what have you seen and what is the best and he sends it to us. For example, we ask for beef so he will send what he thinks is the best and it could be sirloin, fillet or ribeye or different cuts of lamb or other meats.

Kernow Sashimi

©️ Truro Farmers Market

We use two companies for fish; Matthew Stevens who is a fantastic supplier and has great connections with the dayboat fisherman around Coverack and Cadgwith.  He sends a message to the hotel everyday of what is being landed by the fisherman and we buy it direct if we want it. Kernow Sashimi works the same way and we get a message from them daily with what has been landed and buy the most amazing fresh fish.


Michael at Chocolarder is someone we met 10 years ago and were blown away by his passion and love for what he does. He is one of only a handful of “bean to bar” chocolatiers in the UK and works just 10 miles away.  He only produces small batches and the taste of his chocolate is like tasting fine wine. He loves what he does and his chocolate is the best we’ve ever tasted.


Thomas Hanson is our local cheese man and he goes to every creamery personally and hand selects the best cheese from across the county for us to choose from to delight our guests. As a result, our cheese platter is second to none.  

Driftwood Restaurant

There are many more suppliers that support our dream and vision and we are always extremely grateful and proud of the connections we have forged. We count all our suppliers as friends of the hotel and our shared love for quality food translates into every dish we create. But don’t take our word for it. Book yourself a table now and experience award-winning local, seasonal food for yourself.

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