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9 Essential Ingredients For a Perfect Autumn Sunday

9 Essential Ingredients For a Perfect Autumn Sunday
Slow Sunday

The sun is mild and golden, and a cold darkness grasps at the edges of our days. Trees undress in the breeze, sending ruddy leaves tumbling down quiet streets. Yes, summer is over, and the moody season is here. Summer might be for sunbathing, but autumn is for cosying up and comfort food. It’s all about hygge and slow living.

And of course, there’s one day in our busy weeks that should be reserved for nothing, but raw, unfiltered, on-the-edge slowness. Sunday.

But what makes a perfect autumn Sunday? We’ll tell you. There are some essential ingredients, to be mixed and matched.


Sunday Paper Stack, with Thick Inserts

In a few swipes or clicks we can consume all the news we want. The wonders of the internet. This doesn’t mean we should be tapped into current affairs 24/7. There will always be something exciting about printed news, and Sunday is prime paper day. Not only do we feel smarter reading a paper, its better on our eyes than a screen, and it’s worth waiting for a news fix. More to read about.

hot brew

A Hot Cup of Joe

As our cousins across the pond would say. No point in opening a paper if you don’t have some coffee to spill on it. We’re not talking Monday morning rushed coffee; two scoops of instant and a slurpathon. No, Sunday is a day for unhurried savouring. Coffee can be both underwhelming and almost transcendental depending on how it’s made. Fresh beans, ground, and a coffee maker or cafetiere is the proper way. Hmmm that chocolatey, nutty, earthy taste. Drink slowly and wake up at your leisure.

Cobwebs Be Gone

Cobwebs Be Gone

A Sunday walk is a tradition, much like grumbling at the news headlines. You could stay inside all day, though especially in autumn, you’ll deprive yourself of seasonal beauty. Get outside into the woods, fields, and lanes, or make for the coast. Be in amongst the wild spaces of our country; let the wind tussle your hair and see the fiery glow of changing trees. Well and truly blow away the cobwebs of the week and feel alive.

sunday roast

Proper Comfort Food

By this what we really mean, is a roast. For a perfect autumn Sunday, you could try eating something else, but it wouldn’t be the same. The smell of a joint of beef or nut roast in the oven is mouth-watering.  You can eat until you’re just about ready to burst and still have leftovers. Beef and horse radish sandwiches, yum. Scoffing a cold roasty every time you open the fridge for the next couple of days, of course.  

Supping a Malty Ale or Silky Red Wine

Supping a Malty Ale or Silky Red Wine

There are other types of beverage and you should drink exactly what you like on your chilled Sunday. However, in autumn it’s hard to beat ale and red wine. Two drinks made for cosy afternoons and black night skies, pierced with stars. Drinks meant for taking our sweet time over as we ponder the meaning of life and other conundrums, such as, is it worth leaving any for tomorrow? 

gripping novel

Disappearing Into a Gripping Novel

There are those who can dip in and out of a novel wherever they are. In a queue at the post office, walking on the street, on the train between carriages with the window open, etc. Their ability to take their eyes off what’s going on around them is both amazing and troubling. Becoming immersed in a novel, is something most of us keep for home, where we feel the most relaxed. Reading a page turner on a Sunday is an ideal way to wile away a couple of hours. We all need escapism in our lives. So, curl up on the sofa and let your mind explore the rabbit hole.

Get Serious About Board Games

Get Serious About Board Games

As a society we don’t play enough board games. We should, they’re great. A classic, of course, is monopoly. It can be intensely fun, though you’ll need a few people. There’s always someone who manages to build an empire of blue properties, whilst the rest of you are still arguing over house rules.

Or how about something different, say, the “Hygge Game”. Hygge (hoo-ga) is a Danish word that encapsulates enjoying the little things in life. This game gives players an assortment of interesting and thoughtful questions, intended to spark meaningful conversations between friends and family.



Obviously contained within a wood burner if you have one. When the chills of a coming winter weave themselves amongst autumn winds, it’s time. The first fire of the year is a primal thing. An exothermic chemical reaction that has banished the cold throughout history. Our peak enjoyment of a fire is to be found on a brisk Sunday afternoon, with a hot drink or drink drink in our hand, and some quality chocolate.

Period Dramas Or Scandi Noir

Period Dramas Or Scandi Noir

Another form of escapism. This time, transport yourself to a stately home in the 19th century, where romance and affairs grow like weeds and the groundsman is always the most handsome. Or if you prefer something darker, go for a Scandi Noir murder mystery. There’s a special cinematic quality to Scandinavian dramas, perhaps it’s the light, the pine forests, the snow, the exceptional interior design, who knows.  Whatever it is, a “who dunnit” from the frosty reaches of Northern Europe is a suitably atmospheric way to spend an autumn Sunday night.


sunday sleepover

Driftwood Sunday Sleepover

Yes, we’ve given you some wonderful ingredients for your own easy Sunday—but if you want true indulgence and relaxation—let us look after you at the Driftwood. Enjoy a three-course gourmet Sunday lunch in our 3AA Rosette restaurant, followed by a potter around the picturesque Roseland Peninsula, and then a light supper. After an afternoon of invigorating sea air, you’ll drift into a refreshing slumber in one of our blissful beds. Sunday doesn’t get much better.


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